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Our Vision

Our mission is to apply our knowledge, experience and personal endeavour to deliver quality in the execution of all projects irrespective of size or scale. To achieve these goals, we to employ reliable and confident people with managerial and technological expertise, all of which are available for each and every project.

Taylor Group is conscious of the need to achieve, improve and sustain a high quality service to ensure that all contractual and professional service requirements between the company and our clients are consistently achieved.

Our practice always adheres to the highest professional and ethical standards that the profession holds out and is confident that it can provide a strong customer based service comprising project management, imaginative design and back-up with quality detailing and presentation.

Our People

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Managing Director

Martin Bolger

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Niall Taylor

Niall is a director of Taylor McCarney Architects having joined the practice in 1999 and is a director of the firm for more than 20 years.

He has successfully completed significant projects in the education, civic, health and private sectors and leads the Taylor McCarney residential team. He has particular experience in tourism related projects, and masterplanning.

A Grade 2 Conservation Architect, he has completed multiple award winning projects in both the public and private sector.

Our History

Taylor Group, a subsidiary of Taylor Architects Limited specialises in the delivery of projects in the Biologics, Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industry comprising Project Management activities covering the spectrum of activities from strategic development plans to full EPCs project delivery.

The business has evolved from its origins as a specialist division within Taylor Architects lead by Martin Bolger for in excess of thirty years, to realise its own identity as Taylor Group in response to changes and opportunities in the marketplace.

One of our main attributes is the ability to retain experienced staff who have industry specific knowledge in the management  and delivery of projects in this sector. From our Architectural background we pride ourselves in our ability to aligning with the culture of our clients’ operations and the environment in which they work, bringing all the benefits of hands-on project management skills and personal endeavour to the successful delivery of our commissions with a can-do attitude.


Within Taylor Group governance is an oversight function which reflects the company’s operational model and encompasses all aspects of a project’s life cycle in project design and delivery.

Our experience in this industry allows us to put together a baseline of key elements to ensure appropriate discipline engagement comprising project scope, timeline, complexity, risk, goals, and benefits. We align ourselves with the project stakeholders and what their interests and expectations are, and most importantly, how to communicate with them effectively.

Accountability and responsibilities are core attributes of project governance, required to ensure the effectiveness of meetings, the change control process, risk assessment and the communication plan.

It is important from the outset to define not only who is accountable, but also who is responsible, consulted and informed for each of the project deliverables.

Our communication plan is developed to ensure that each discipline understands the mode and content of the communication, frequency, owner/receiver, communication milestones and decision gates, in crisp and precise manner.

Corporate Responsibility

The Taylor Group leadership team seeks to maintain an environment where we consistently improve performance and quality in all our business activities and as a consequence, the relationship and experience of our clients.

Our approach to corporate responsibility recognizes the fact that we are a professional services based company and as such we adapt best practice in areas of health and safety, risk and change management, programme, cost and delivery and client relationship management, empowering our clients to make the right decision at the right time.

Responsible business practices are a core attribute of our business strategy with a clear focus on cost, quality, and delivery including our responsibility to the project stakeholders.

Our experienced staff with industry specific knowledge are specialists in aligning with the culture of our clients’ operations and their environments.

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