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Taylor Group seek to forge a Partnering Relationship with our clients to provide the best possible opportunity for a successful design strategy and outcome on every project.

This partnership shall be a collaboration between our client’s Senior Personnel and Taylor Group Senior Management and be governed by the core principles of Understanding, Ownership and Creating Value Added.

The concept of Partnering is well known to Taylor Group and is the core attribute above all other attributes which has underpinned and sustained our success in the Med Tech/Pharma industry over the last 30+ years. Our model is one of specialist service provider where the project in hand is ultimately of greater value to our team than the next large project in the marketplace to be sought after.

We work hard to forge a positive working relationship with our clients based entirely on effort and relations building. We understand that in some cases our client may not have the experience or in-house capability to manage build projects and as such the successful design team must actively engage in going the extra mile not only to design to the client’s specific requirements but to proactively take responsibility for delivering on our client’s commitments to meet market demands and opportunities.

The drivers that reinforce this relationship are Experience, Knowledge, Availability, Commitment, Flexibility and Personnel Endeavour, all of which are the core values essential for the successful delivery of a project in terms of Cost, Quality and Schedule.


Our experienced staff with industry specific knowledge are specialists in aligning with the culture of our clients’ operations and their environments.

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