Project Focus

Expansion of an existing facility including an ISO 7 clean room suite and a mixing & filling complex.


Design Team leader (Single Point Design Team)
Cost Control


€13.5 million


25 weeks


07 weeks


60 weeks


Defects Liability


3000 sq. m. (32,290 sq. ft.)

Project Deliverables

  • Detailed Survey and generation of BIM Model
  • 30% Design Report and Presentation
  • 60% Design Report and Presentation
  • Hazard Analysis
  • FMEA
  • Value Engineering Workshop
  • 90% Design Report and Presentation
  • Budget Cost Analysis at each Design Phase
  • PSDP and Preliminary SHW Plan
  • Statutory Compliance & Fire Engineering
  • Procurement/ Contract Strategy
  • Tender Documentation
  • Tender Clarification
  • Tender Candidate Interviews
  • Tender Analysis
  • IFC Documentation
  • Site Support
  • Snagging/Handover
  • Final Account Negotiation
  • Safety File and O&M Review

This project was the first major expansion undertaken by Abbott IDD since the initial build in 2005. Some of the principal Abbott personnel involved in the original project were engaged in the delivery of this project and as a result of this the knowledge sharing was crucial for the successful and smooth delivery of the project.

– Project Manager Pat Gaugh


The project was developed as an extension to the existing facility comprising an employee entrance, mixt tank room, filling suite, packag-ing hall, coldstore, warehouse, technical floor and associated supporting accommodation and site works.

Critical to the success of the project was the extension of existing utilities to service the new facility.


TG was engaged as a single point design team to deliver design, Tender and Site Operations stages of the project.

Engineering Services

O’Callaghan Engineering provided support for the successful delivery of the Building Services Element of the project. A full suite of building services drawings were generated including integration into site BMS/FMS systems. New P&IDs were generated by the design team and existing P&IDs were updated.

Health & Safety

TG also provided the services as PSDP and the appointed contractor provided the service of PSCS

Project Brief

Workshops were convened post appointment to fully scope the project with Abbott stakeholders. This proved to be vary useful exercise and informed the development of the project through Scheme Design, Detail Design and Tender Process.

Project Challenges

Expansion projects have many challenges for the client: relocation of production activities, decommissioning of redundant equipment and services, contractors intervention into a live operation facility, identification of contractor access points, removal of waste material, potential impact on existing emergency/personnel routes, contractor materials delivery and placement.

To mitigate these risks TG implement our Risk and Opportunity strategies so risks to production or general client activities were identified, assessed and prudent mitigation methodologies are put in place to protect our clients for the duration of the site operations stage.

Site Utility Capacity

Detailed surveys were undertaken of existing utilities to ensure adequacy of supply to service the new facility including tie points, controls and demand.


Commissioning activities were carries out by the construction team and temperature mapping, pressure profiles and particle counts were conducted in conjunction with the site team.

Completion & Handover

A detailed walk down of all systems was conducted by the construction team including handover of O&M Manuals and Safety File